Virent Valley


Here at the farm, we utilize organic and biodynamic practices to produce a self-sustainable environment. We believe our soil is the heart of our operation and in order to preserve it we must continue these practices. We know that the size and quality of our plants is a direct reflection of the health of our soil. Therefore, after each harvest we till the soil and broadcast specific cover crop seeds. This helps eliminate noxious weeds, invites beneficial insects to our growing environment, and serves as a great source of essential nutrients. Worms and lady bugs are also distributed throughout the field during different stages of the process. We only use organic powder nutrients to feed our plants and with these nutrients we brew our own tea recipes. Each recipe has been specifically designed for different phases of plant growth and all recipes are brewed for 24-48 hours before injecting them into the lines. Pests are controlled using organic formulas and predator insects. We also use a combination of certified biodegradable organic film and rice straw to cover our rows. This helps retain moisture for our plants and aids in the battle to eliminate weeds. We soon plan to completely eliminate the film from our practices. This will be done in order to achieve a superior environment, one that is more natural and can be easily managed. Plastic will not be used for the 2022 growing season. Stay tuned for updates and new products!

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