Virent Valley Farms

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Always Fresh, Always Green,
Always VIRENT!

Virent Valley Farms is a small family-owned farm located in the heart of southern Oregon. We are committed to providing clients with a wide range of quality products at a reasonable price. Our main focus is premium flower, but we also dive into infusions and extracts. Quality over quantity is what we believe in, and we continue to search for new methods to make sure our products are always improving. With more than 10 years of experience in the cannabis industry you can only expect a superior, fresh, and green product; hence the name Virent (Vee-Rent). 

Always Fresh

Products are stored in a climate controlled environment to preserve appearances and terpene profile.

Always Green

Utilizing organic and biodynamic practices to produce a self-sustainable environment.


Small farm with more than 10 years experience that emphasizes on quality over quantity.

Oregon based ~ family owned and operated farm

We utilize organic and biodynamic practices to produce a self-sustainable environment. This includes brewing our own teas for different periods of each strains life cycle. This also includes planting cover crop to bring in beneficial bugs, serve as a source of nutrients for the soil, and eliminate noxious weeds.  

Cultivated on Private Land to ensure quality

Our farm is located on 3 acres behind our property. This enhances our ability to care for each individual plant and allows us to have complete control of the growing environment.

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Where to Buy?

Contact us TODAY! Our strains are ever growing and our stock is ever flowing. Virent Valley Farms is proud to serve you high quality products that have been organically produced.